Job Description

Are you passionate about Virtual Reality and want to share that with students who are excited to be in your classroom?

Who We Are:

University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is an elite intimate private college in Tempe, AZ focused on educating students in advancing technology who desire to innovate in the areas of emerging technology disciplines including Advancing Computer Science, Information Security, Game and New Media technologies.

Living on campus, students are surrounded by a true living-learning technology environment that incubates their ideas into innovations that students can patent and take to market. Students must create an innovation project to graduate.

We are an entrepreneurial, results-oriented company recognized for delivering high standards of innovation and service. As an organization designed to change the lives of some of the brightest young minds, we rely on the excellence of every member of our family to continuously exceed our own standards and our students’ expectations.

The Role:

UAT is looking for a professor to teach undergraduate courses in our Virtual Reality program. The UAT Virtual Reality degree uses game design as a base and applies the design principles of gaming to virtual reality applications such as corporate training, medical and therapeutic, military and education. As this is a highly technical field, we utilize all the tools of the trade as well as mid-level programming and asset creation skill sets. The coursework emphasizes design skills such as strong initial concepts, design documentation, game balancing and play-testing, interactive storytelling and interface design with an eye towards developments in the virtual reality field. The Virtual Reality degree will also take a critical approach to the study of gameplay, player interaction and community dynamics as well as the unique features of the numerous game platforms available in the marketplace. Applying all the elements of the game creation process, a key takeaway from the program is to develop skills to complete projects from initial concept to publishing a final product.

Course Topics Include:

  • Prototype and complete original virtual/augmented reality applications for multiple platforms utilizing a full project development lifecycle from concept to completion.
  • Create and implement immersive user experiences that utilize the interaction approaches unique to virtual/augmented reality hardware and platforms.
  • Design and develop simulations that leverage gamification on virtual/augmented reality platforms to enhance the outcomes of non-entertainment applications such as training, medical, therapeutic, military, or learning-based environments.
  • Create the designs, assets, scripting, and programming needed to effectively realize fully interactive and engaging virtual reality worlds.
  • Create, implement, evaluate, and analyze the systems and mechanics utilizing written and verbal communication skills that demonstrate visualizations representing data, real-world entities, events, and interactions.

Don't have teaching experience - that's where we come in. UAT's team of faculty and staff will work with you as you:

Essential Duties:

  • Facilitation of innovative student VR/AR projects
  • Mentoring geeky technology-driven students
  • Development and delivery of collegiate learning experiences related to Virtual Reality
  • Development of course materials related to college-level virtual reality and augmented reality courses

Education Requirements:

  • Master's degree in Virtual Reality or relevant field with 18 credit hours in Virtual Reality required; Doctoral Preferred 
  • 3+ years of relevant industry experience

 Location Requirements:

  • UAT is limited to considering adjunct candidates for this role from the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, and Washington
  • Candidates residing in Arizona must be willing to teach in-person at the Tempe campus


University of Advancing Technology’s Synchronic Learning model is designed especially for students of advancing technology. Tailored to both undergraduate and graduate students, Synchronic Learning provides an education framework that prepares superior graduates to become tomorrow’s innovators. This model embodies UAT’s methodologies, curricula, and people dedicated to fostering an environment of innovation that promotes demonstrated mastery and job readiness. An integral part of this framework is SyncFlex, a flexible learning approach with an emphasis on mentored education that provides real project experience to cultivate superior graduates.

Important Notes:

Adjunct Pay for In-Person Class: up to $2800/per class

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. It is our intention that all qualified applicants be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions be based on job-related factors.

UAT does not sponsor foreign visa's. Thank you for your understanding.