Job Description

The University of Advancing Technology, a CAE-IE certified institution, is recruiting for a Penetration Testing Professor who is passionate about cyber security and inspiring undergraduate college students to contribute to this vital field. You may have met some of our alumni at DEFCON and Blackhat since we’ve been hacking for over 20+ years. We are looking for someone who wants to teach our upcoming kickass alumni about the importance of cyber security and organization protection.  

Individuals successfully filling this position will be able to relate their knowledge and experiences regarding information system penetration and remediation, performing security assessments, writing vulnerability and business implication reports and documentations, and discussing network redesign and coding suggestions to secure the system from attacks.  
Essential Duties: 

  • Inspire, motivate, and mentor students 
  • Provide education through variety of ways outside of lecture (e.g. team learnings, providing hands-on tutorials, and assigning individual learnings) 
  • Facilitate relevant student projects and innovations 
  • Development and delivery of coursework that reflect current, emerging and future technologies and practices in penetration testing 
  • Be an active member of the cyber security community which encourages student participation and engagement 
  • Mentor and lead students in ethical hacking and good digital citizenship


University of Advancing Technology’s Synchronic Learning model is designed especially for students of advancing technology. Tailored to both undergraduate and graduate students, Synchronic Learning provides an education framework that prepares superior graduates to become tomorrow’s innovators. This model embodies UAT’s methodologies, curricula, and people dedicated to fostering an environment of innovation that promotes demonstrated mastery and job readiness. An integral part of this framework is SyncFlex, a flexible learning approach with an emphasis on mentored education that provides real project experience to cultivate superior graduates. 

Skills / Requirements

Skills/ Requirements 

  • Industry experience and certifications related to Cyber Security such as CCNA, CEH, CCDA, CISSP, CISA, and CISM 
  • Experience with pinpoint methods that attackers could use to exploit weaknesses and logic flaws 
  • Knowledgeable in compliance such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc. 
  • Familiarity in formal penetration tests on web-based applications, networks and computer systems 
  • Designs and creates new penetration tools and tests 
  • Understands how to convey and incorporate business considerations, such as password policies or poor user security practices throughout the organization 
  • Skills in designing, administering and monitoring secure networks 
  • Experience in shell scripting and programming for both Cyber defense 
  • Deep familiarity of network and security protocols 
  • Knowledge and experience regarding historical and current trends in exploits and their countermeasures 
  • Hands-on experience with Cyber Security Technologies that can be used to enhance the learning experience 

Masters Degree preferred 

  • Experience in instruction or formalized education process, preferably in a post-secondary or college institution 
  • Government, military or law enforcement background preferred 
  • Membership in a professional association tied to area of instruction preferred 
  • U.S. citizenship or legal permanent resident status is required