Job Description

UAT is looking for a software developer who is up to date on industry standards and wants to educate today’s bright minds on where the field of programming is headed. UAT’s model is application focused, with students spending much of their time working within agile development frameworks to take mobile applications to the next build state. Faculty members prepare students to work on building mobile solutions that securely transact with cloud services, such as AWS, and routinely incorporate third-party tools and libraries to achieve innovative rapid building solutions. Within this path, UAT's Computer Science faculty are responsible for effectively instructing undergraduate students on how to create, test and document software applications, algorithms and data structures. Advanced topics include machine learning, developing applications that use and analyze large datasets and interact with IoT and autonomous devices. Individuals successfully filling this positions will be able to relate their computer knowledge and experiences using development tools such as C#, C++, iOS, Swift, Android, Ruby, AWS, third-party toolkits/libraries, Java. Candidates will collaborate with department peers to design, review and maintain the general computer science curriculum.  Computer Science Professors develop courses that reflect the current best practices within the technology industry and instruct their classes using engaging methodologies that focus on mentoring students through coursework, projects, and competitions.

Preferred Experience:
  • Mobile development with published apps for the iPhone
  • Mobile development with published apps for the Android
  • Experience with Scrum Software for Agile Teams  
  • Experience with Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Leadership roles in project management and team management
University of Advancing Technology’s Synchronic Learning model is designed especially for students of advancing technology. Tailored to both undergraduate and graduate students, Synchronic Learning provides an education framework that prepares superior graduates to become tomorrow’s innovators. This model embodies UAT’s methodologies, curricula, and people dedicated to fostering an environment of innovation that promotes demonstrated mastery and job readiness. An integral part of this framework is SyncFlex, a flexible learning approach with an emphasis on mentored education that provides real project experience to cultivate superior graduates.

Skills / Requirements

Master's degree required

Important Notes

University of Advancing Technology is an elite intimate private college in Tempe, AZ focused on educating students in advancing technology who desire to innovate in the areas of emerging technology disciplines including Advancing Computer Science, Information Security, Game and New Media technologies.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. It is our intention that all qualified applicants be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions be based on job-related factors. UAT does not sponsor foreign visas.