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Working at UAT is not just for geeks, although that helps. To become a part of UAT's community, you need to be passionate about, and enjoy being around, technology.

UAT is unique because we have created, and continually nurture, a community of students and staff of self-styled geeks whose personal and professional lives revolve around technology. Their vast intelligence, talents and interests help us stand apart in academia as a place for those who are disenfranchised by ordinary institutions of higher learning.

UAT's unique programs and degrees integrate contemporary and advanced technologies and will enable graduates to serve society through contribution to their fields.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

- To educate students in the fields of advancing technology to become innovators of the future.

Our Vision

- UAT will enrich societal advancement by cultivating thinking innovators for our technology-driven world.

Our Values

  • Integrity - We promote positive social responsibility and good global citizenship, and we always act with integrity, honesty and ethics that are above reproach.

  • Quality through Continuous Improvement - We recognize that our University and environment may be defined as a system, and that each of its parts may be simplified, improved, innovated or eliminated. We hold that all parts of a system are interconnected through relationships, and that continuous improvement requires understanding all these relationships. We pioneer new methods, meticulously plan, and rely upon feedback systems.

  • Lifelong Learning - We understand that high performance and constant improvement require continuous learning. We cultivate global-mindedness and promote the highest level of student learning and success. We rigorously seek learning opportunities, initiate and nurture individual growth, and expect ongoing individual growth as well as organizational learning.

  • Teamwork - We communicate effectively, reinforce support for each other and build alignment between students, alumni, employers, industry, community, and departments, as well as individuals. We work in collaborative teams to accomplish superior results through shared understanding.

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When students choose to work at UAT, whether through Federal Work-Study or an internship, they contribute invaluable work to the university and the community, as well as develop lifelong skills that can supplement their future careers.
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