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Untitled Document Feng Shui, the Chinese term for wind and water, is a system of rules, concepts and principles that explain how our lives are pragmatically and spiritually linked to our environment. The campus of the University of Advancing Technology was designed using both the time-honored principles of Feng Shui and sound contemporary architectural design concepts.

The campus is located in one of the most auspicious locations in the Valley of the Sun. It is positioned within the curled "tail of the dragon" - nestled at the base of the largest "Dragon Mountain" in the Valley - South Mountain.

The building layout, shape, use of color, and landscaping and positioning of the structure were all planned using Feng Shui. Plants and water features enhance the harmony and flow of the campus’s Chi.

And because students and faculty are going to spend much of their time here, we felt it imperative to give them a place where harmony, well-being and productivity are enhanced by the beauty of their surroundings.

Balance and harmony are key to our ability to provide quality instruction and to promote optimal learning. Our melding of ancient philosophy with modern technology is part of our students’ unique experience.

Essential Skills Module Training (Jobing Page)
The University is made up of people and its performance and "personality" reflect the sum total of the qualities of all our employees. Thus, it is our belief that employees must be chosen with care and regard for the corporate values if the organization is to avoid dilution of its Vision and Values.

Further, for an organization to be vital and productive, creativity needs to occur at all levels and decision-making needs to occur at the lowest possible level in the organization. Thus, a philosophy of empowerment is necessary and must be fostered throughout the organization.

Empowerment is only effective, however, when all employees are properly trained. Accordingly, the University invests a significant amount of time and energy into its Employee Training and Development System. We believe that efficacious training is the key to an effective, long-term organization.

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